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For Roach Bin Cleaner Crews Click Here                                                 Dermestid Beetle Colony Care & Instructions

(Dermestes maculatus (Dermestidae) or Carrion Beetle at RRF Insects
Dermestid Beetles and their larvae Work exactly as you will expect by being Flesh Eating Cleaner Bugs. Dermestids Work by acting as scavengers that eat on dead or decaying organic matter and flesh.

Expert Hunting & Taxidermy Enthusiasts find that by their nature, these critters do a top notch job at cleaning bones and skulls in a matter of a few hours to a few days so they get by doing just as many European Skull Mounts as possible. Dermestid Beetles Work to do the job better.
When you order these Ready to Go Dermestid Colonies, they will Work by colonizing in the Dermestid Beetles Bedding within whatever bin you put your Starter Colony Kit in.  Each RRF Dermestid Beetle Cleaning Crew contains Dermestid (taxidermy beetles) larvae and eggs, along with Dermestid Beetle Colony Instructions & Care Special Dermestid Beetle Bedding and food. You also Get Water Gel Crystals and water/food dish.  Our Customers tell us that if you want The Best Dermestid Beetle Colony to Work at your skull cleaning projects, then this is simply the Best Website to Buy a Dermestid Beetle Colony & Starter Kits. 

The dermestid beetles Work by consuming dead animal flesh eating any excess meat fresh or dried. These guys offer maximum cleaning assurance to ensure all the flesh is consumed naturally.  To clean bones and skulls simply place them prepared in a closed bin with a few thousand beetles, they will not cause harm like any of the solvents or chemicals.

If you are a Hunter/Trapper/Taxidermist you need to clean bones and skulls properly for european mounts to display, let the Dermestid do the job nature intended by removing all flesh.  
A colony kept in a storage bin will Work to tackle deer skulls and are used in taxidermy applications and at museums and universities worldwide as well by the wise expert hunting enthusiast.

By Purchasing Colonies By RRF Insects, Dermestid Taxidermy Beetles Work for Your Skull Cleaning Projects & More you will have the benefit of a colony that works to clean for you and have been sold and Recommended on

Dermestid Beetles & Larvae Colonies are Among The Most Popular at RRF Insects If You Need Dermestid Beetles In Quantities of More than 4,000, You may get them by Ordering Multiple Colonies.  
Dermestid Beetle Colonies are Subject to Availability and as Quantitites Last.


Additional Applications For Our Dermestid Beetles as Roach Bin Cleaner Crews

If you have Roach or Cricket bins, Dermestids will be part of Our Roach Bin Cleaner Crews as Dermestids along with Our Springtails & Isopods will act as a Cleaner Crew in your enclosure to get rid of those nasty dead cricket  or roach smell and help you avoid picking out dead roaches and crickets.
So Dermestid Beetles are Great Cleaner Crews for Roach & Cricket Bins and we Now Know a sizeable Dermestid Colony can even eat up the flesh to clean-up bones and skulls to be mounted for taxidermy.  
A dermestid beetle can also be used as a fishing bait and to feed your pets if you run out of crickets or other Live Feeder Insects.   Mites or flies or other insect's eggs from large commercial dermestid sellers can destroy a colony. 

When you Purchase Our Dermestid Kits, We guarantee they are pest free and we give you more instructions and as Always a Generous Overcount.

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