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 Live Feeder Insects, Roaches, & Starter Colonies You Need By Ready Reptile Feeders

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CONTAIN A Super Slick Barrier With Fluon (PTFE) By Ready Reptile Feeders
CONTAIN Works By  Keeping Roaches in & Pests Out



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CONTAIN With Fluon (PTFE) (5.95) Works as a Super Slick Roach & Feeder Insect Barrier that prevents roaches or insects from escaping the colony. By Working as a Boundary & By preventing spiders, mites and other invasive insects from getting inside your roach or feeder insect colony.

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CONTAIN Roach & Bug Barrier with Fluon (PTFE) 
• Works Better & Lasts Longer than Vaseline or other oils.
• Will not Melt, Run or Evaporate
• Maintains in Temperatures above 400 Deg F
• Never Needs to be Reapplied (Unless it gets overly soiled)
CONTAIN ROACH & BUG BARRIER By Ready Reptile Feeders.  
Spread a thin even coat of CONTAIN Roach & Bug Barrier as a Boundary at the top 2 inches of your roach or feeder insect colony bin.  You are left with a Barrier or Boundary that cannot be passed.  CONTAIN Roach & Bug Barrier is safe Food Grade material and will not harm with incidental ingestion by insects.  Once the roaches or insects learn they cannot pass by they just give up. 
One ounce of CONTAIN Roach & Bug Barrier By Ready Reptile Feeders should Cover one application of one bin with enough left over for touch ups. For More Bins or for re-application more will be necessary.

• By Spreading CONTAIN Roach & Bug Barrier in a thin consistent film 1-2 inches wide, Roaches will not be able to escape. For Large Roaches Like Hissers 2 Inches is Recommended.
• By Using CONTAIN Roach & Bug Barrier as a Final & Most Effective layer or Boundary after other methods (Packing tape, Oil, Fluon PTFE Product, Vaseline etc) you will prevent escape and intrusion by other insect pests.
CONTAIN Roach & Bug Barrier With Fluon (PTFE) Works by forming an effective Boundary By keeping out invasive insects, (Spiders, Mites, Flies & Gnats)


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