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 Live Feeder Insects, Roaches, & Starter Colonies You Need By Ready Reptile Feeders

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                     Dubia Roach Nymph Mixes Various Sizes 
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Live Feeder Dubia Roaches vs Crickets 

5 Top Reasons to Buy Live Feeder Dubia Roaches Instead of Crickets

1. Dubia Roaches are a Meatier Live Feeder Insect with High Protein content to aid in their growth process and development of your reptiles and amphibians.

2. Dubia Roaches do not bite, scratch or sting. 

3. Dubia Roaches are easy to catch and are can't fly.

4. Dubia Roaches Do Not Stink

5. Dubia Roaches cannot escape by climbing walls of their enclosure   

You can Purchase Live Feeder Dubia Roach Nymph Mixes or Purchase Dubia Roach Starter Colonies from the comfort of your home  Our feeder insects and Dubia Roaches are Ready to Go and will be delivered to your door 

Along with the Dubia roaches you also can Buy Water Gel Crystals and Buy Egg Flats to provide the roaches a better environment to thrive in.  

The water crystals absorb water and gel up to prevent your roaches from drowning and helps to keep the place ideal for them to thrive. 

Eggcrates are ideal breeding grounds for the newborns or the feeder insects who are yet to be born.

Checkout How Our Cleaner Crews For Roach Colony Bins Work


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CONTAIN Super Slick Roach & Bug Boundary & Barrier 


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