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Dubia Blaptica Roach Colony Setup & Care

Name: Dubia Roach, sometimes called the Orange Spotted Roach Argentine Roach, or the Guyana Spotted Roach.

Scientific nameBlaptica dubia

Lifespan: 10-12 months for males,  females live longer, usually reaching 20-22 months.

Dubia Blaptica Roaches as Feeder Insects

Dubia Roaches are easily digestible as Feeder Roaches, high in meat to shell ratio for a high protein and nutritious meal. The various life cycles of the dubia roach offers a wide and varied sizes of roaches to use as feeders for your reptiles & amphibians.  Dubia Roaches are easily maintained, cannot climb smooth surfaces or fly, they eat almost anything and are silent and smell free compared to other insects like crickets..

Housing Setup For Dubia Blaptica Roach Colonies

Dubia Roach Colonies Can Be Housed in a ventilated plastic tub, or aquarium tank with a large surface area.  Surface area is increased with the addition of Egg Flats For Dubia to hide in and nestle.  Dubia Roaches do not climb well on smooth surfaces, so as long as the sides of the enclosure are smooth there is little chance of escape.  A standard plastic storage tub (Sterilite or Rubbermaid ) type bin works well.  Punch holes in the lid for ventilation or better yet cut out and install screen mesh in the top and or sides of the tub for optimal ventilation.  No substrate is needed as this makes removal, separation and maintenance easier.

Dubia Roaches Prefer Living in Dark Conditions so using a dark tub or storing it in a dark place is preferable.  Dubia roaches require places to hide, so cardboard tubes or eggflats provide additional real estate and places to raise babies making them feel secure.  Dubia roaches like nestling and living in close quarters.

Feeding Your Dubia Roach Colony

Dubia Roaches Eat Just About Anything after all they are roaches.  This makes for easy feeding.  Make sure that they have access to High Protein Grains at all times like oats, wheat, wheat bran.  They also need some protein, some feed roaches dog or cat food, or fish food for protein.   Alternatively a lot of people will use a Balanced Protein All Natural Roach Chow that is formulated to have the correct protein percentage as dog or cat food can be too high in protein and lead to uric acid accumulation and death in your reptiles & amphibians.   Roaches should periodically  2-3x a week be fed produce that has been cleaned thoroughly of pesticides or that is organic.  Any food that you give your roaches will be passed along to your reptiles & amphibians so it is best to keep the dubia gut-loaded with optimum nutrition to be passed along as you feed the dubia off.  Fresh fruits like apples, bananas are best as they are sweet and nutritious and are readily consumed.  Be sure to only feed the amount that the dubia will consume within 24 hours as the remains will have to be removed to eliminate the growth of mold. which can wipe out your entire dubia colony.  Fresh produce like carrots, leafy greens and other root vegetables provide a well rounded diet for not only the roaches but the pets that you feed them to.  

To Safely Water Dubia Roaches Water Gel Crystals work best  Are a crystal that swells up when you add it to water and provides a high surface area gel for the dubia to extract water without fouling it or drowning.  Water gel Crystals are much better than other methods such as cotton or sponges as they last longer.  A single Tablespoon of crystals will make more than a gallon of water gel crystals to water your roaches or feeder insect colony.

Temperature For Raising Your Dubia Roach Colony

Please Note:
Dubia are tropical species and do best at higher humidity levels 40-50% is sufficient.  If humidity levels are not maintained at these levels you may experience a die off as nymphs molt skins or as they are giving birth.  Place a temperature gauge with humidity level indicator in the bin you house your roaches in.  Humidity levels can be increased by offering fruits and vegetables, including a screened or covered water container, lowering the heat or simply by placing more Water Crystal Gel (Prevents Drowing)

Dubia Roaches Live In Tropical Conditions as they are a South American Roach.  Dubia are optimally kept in temperatures around (82- 88°F ). They can survive at lower temperatures, but will not breed as quickly.  Higher temps 88-95°F will greatly increase breeding cycles and produce more Dubia Roaches as Feeders as well as increase the life cycle of your colony.  Make sure humidity levels are at least 40%


Dubia Roaches Become Sexually Mature Around 6 months of age, so a successful dubia breeding & feeding colony will not take very long to establish.  Once sexually mature, females will give birth to up to 35 baby dubia nymphs every 30-45 days, if you have to feed off use males as feeders and keep the female to male ratio at about 3-5 females per 1 male.

Adult Dubia Roaches Are Easy to Sex as the females are larger than the males and only have short clipped wings,  The males have large wings that they do not use to fly.  Sexing nymphs is more difficult as there are variations during their lifestyle and must mature only being identifiable at their last molt.

Additional Tips For Successful Breeding of Dubia Roach Colony

1.) Dubia Roaches Are Shown to Breed Faster as well as give birth to babies quicker when fed oranges.  To increase the breeding rate of Dubia Blaptica a great secret is to feed them oranges once a week or so.  

2.) Dubia Roaches Do Best In High Heat Temperatures  In case of escape no worry is needed as they will not infest your home or neighborhood and will most likely die if not found right away.   Escapees are usually found motionless.  Check to see if they revive by adding them back to heated environment and allow them to rehydrate.  Prevent Escape of Roaches With Super Slick Roach Barrier.

3.)  Many Customers Wonder How Roach Cleaner Crews Work For Your Roach Colony Setup.  A Cleaner Crew for Dubia Roaches are special species of small larvae and beetles that consume excess grains and process the roach waste or frass.  They do not bother the dubia roaches and they act as a great Clean-Up Crew for your roach bins and enclosures.


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