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 Live Feeder Insects, Roaches, & Starter Colonies You Need By Ready Reptile Feeders

   Insects By RRF      Isopods/Bioactive Cleaner Crews
Isopods/woodlice are Live Feeder Insects & Great Bioactive Cleaner Crews, and are shipped in Ready Reptile Feeders Premiun Substrate Mix.  Keep a culture going at all times or just put them in your vivarium or tank and they culture themselves.  

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When you Buy Dwarf White, Grey, Striped, Purple  or Larger Variety Isopods, like Armadilldium, P. Scaber, Skirted and Giant Canyon Isopods from Ready Reptile Feeders they should Culture prolifically and quickly help to prevent mold and decay in your tanks thus and Like Our Springtails act as a Great Bioactive Tank Cleaner Crew.  They also are a great addition as Cleaner Crews for Roach Bins & enclosures.  Your cultures are started a month to several months before ordering and in many cases have already begun to produce offspring by the time you receive them.

When you Purchase your isopod culture it may be used to seed your tank, or start a larger culture that you may use to seed or reseed tanks at any time.  This way you will always have a supply when you need it.  This is the Best website to to buy many varieties of isopod cultures online.

The isopod cultures are 4 & 8oz. cultures (depending on variety)containing adults and babies in a Premium ABG mix substrate.

Isopods Caresheet

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