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 Live Feeder Insects, Roaches, & Starter Colonies You Need By Ready Reptile Feeders

   Insects By RRF      Springtails Bioactive Cleaner Crews
Culturing Springtails as Bioactive Cleaner Ready Reptile Feeders
Springtails (Order collembola) are you enclosure's best friend. 
NOW Easily Culture Your Own Springtail Cultures to Use as Feeders or As Cleaner Crews With Springtail Culturing Kits By RRF

Springtails are a microfauna that will live and breed in your Reptile or Amphibians Tank Substrate.  Springtails Like Our Isopods Are Great Bioactive Cleaner Crews to clean up your tank or vivarium by feeding on dead fecal matter,decaying plants and leaves, mold, fungus and dead feeder insects,  

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Different varieties of springtails are desired for All the different tank or vivarium setups that you have.   Since we carry so many varieties of springtails we are often told we have the Best website to buy springtails. 
Springtails as Live Feeder Insects will also be part of the diet of smaller frogs, like thumbnail frogs, some tree frogs and dart frogs. They are fairly inexpensive, are easy to keep and breed and you will soon have a plentiful supply because of their prolific breeding.   
Springtails, along with other Bioactive Clean-Up Crew Like Isopods Make Great Cleaner Crews inside a Roach or Cricket Bin as they feed on death and decay and do the job that nature intended, saving you time and hassle and giving you a chance at coming closer to a self sustaining environment for your pets with less cleaning on your part.  Cleaner Crews Like Our Springtails & Isopods  can devour a whole dead roach in hours, so they do a great job as an additional Roach bin Cleaner Crew that you need to have in your tanks as well as roach enclosures or bins.
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