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Start With A Roach Colony. Upgrade & Go Bioactive. Save By Ordering Organically Raised Feeders By RRF

When You Buy & Setup Roach Colonies & Bioactive Kits You Are Assured that Feeder Roaches Like Dubia or Our Florida Legal Discoid Roaches Are Premium Alternatives To Crickets.

Buy Feeder Roaches & Roach Colony. Feeder Roaches Like Dubia Roaches, Madagascar Hissers, Discoid Roaches, Turkistan Red Runner & Little Kenyan Roaches Are Ideal Insects To Breed Yourself.  Dubia Roach Care & Setup.

Our Florida Legal Discoid Roach Care & Setup

Hissing Cockroach Madagascar Hissers Setup & Care

Buy Roaches & Roach Colonies at Insects & Bioactive Supplies By RRF. We Carry Colony Breeding Kits for raising your own Live Roach Feeders.  

Raising Your Own feeder Roaches or Insects? You Need Roach Cleaner Crews

Feeder Roaches By RRF
Springtails & Bioactive Cultures & Kits By RRF

Springtails & Bioactive Cultures & Kits By RRF

Springtails are you enclosure’s best friend.

With Our Springtail Cultures & Culturing Kits, Easily Culture Your Own Springtail Cultures

Springtails are a microfauna that will live and breed in your Vivarium’s Bioactive Substrates.  Like Our Isopods, Springtails Are Great Bioactive Cleaner Crews to clean up your tank or vivarium As well as feeders for small frogs. They feed on death and decay and do the job that nature intended, giving you a chance at coming closer to a self sustaining environment

Dfferent varieties of springtails are desired for different setups.  Learn More About Bioactive Springtails Cultures Here.  Since we carry so many varieties of springtails we enjoy being recognized as the Best website to Buy Insects & Springtails.

Bioactive Springtail Cultures By RRF

Isopods & Bioactive Cleaner Cultures & Kits Insects By RRF

Isopods Are a Great Buy, Insects & Arthropods like Isopods Are Bioactive Cleaner Crews. Isopods are a healthy mix of adults & babies shipped in RRF Premiun Substrate Mix. Keep a culture going so you always have a supply when you need it or just seed them directly in your tank and they culture themselves.

When you purchase Isopods, they should Culture prolifically and quickly help to prevent mold and decay in your tanks. Learn How To Culture Bioactive Isopods Here.  Like Our Bioactive Springtail Cultures, they act as a Great Vivarium Cleaner Crew. They also are a great addition for Roach Bins & enclosures. Each Culture is made at time of order By RRF The Best Place to Buy Insect Cultures.

Bioactive Isopods Insects By RRF

Dermestid Beetle Colonies Work To Clean Skulls Insects By RRF

Dermestid Beetles & Their Larvae Work to Clean Flesh From Skulls exactly as you will expect, by being Flesh Eating Cleaner Bugs. Dermestids Work by acting as scavengers that eat on dead or decaying organic matter and flesh.

Expert Hunting & Taxidermy Enthusiasts find that by their nature, these critters do a top notch job at cleaning bones and skulls in a matter of a few hours to a few days so they get by doing just as many European Skull Mounts as possible. Buy Insects such as Dermestid Beetles as They Work to do the job better.

A colony kept in a storage bin will Work to tackle deer skulls and are used in taxidermy applications and at museums and universities worldwide as well by the wise expert hunting enthusiast. ​  Dermestid Beetle Colony Care 

Buy Dermestid Beetles By RRF
Dermestid Beetle Colonies Work To Clean Skulls Insects By RRF

Need ORGANIC NON - GMO RAISED Feeder Insects & BIOACTIVE Supplies.  Insects & Supplies By RRF Has Everything You Need To Work With Live Feeder Insects

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